Salmon Stir Fry 🍣

I am currently obsessed with wild caught salmon, especially from Vital Choice 😍🍣 This is a quick way to prepare salmon and veggies in one pan and is a favorite of mine for an easy lunch πŸ˜‹ For dinner I prefer to grill the whole filet, either garlic style or Mediterranean 🀩 or make salmonContinue reading “Salmon Stir Fry 🍣”

Easy Shrimp and Fennel Bowl 🍀

Fennel is a gut super food and is often given as a digestive aid πŸ‘ŒπŸ» we love to sautΓ© it with bell pepper, green onion and cauliflower rice for a yummy lunch bowl πŸ˜‡ This time we decided to add in shrimp for a good dose of protein and micronutrients such as iodine, selenium andContinue reading “Easy Shrimp and Fennel Bowl 🍀”

Cod and Cauli Bowl πŸ₯™

This bowl is easily thrown together and is a great way to utilize leftovers πŸ₯° That’s really important for us since we are always on the go, and can be tempted to grab a quick snack instead of eating a wholesome meal. While we do have lots of healthy snacks options, check out my previousContinue reading “Cod and Cauli Bowl πŸ₯™”

Octopus Pasta Bowl a la Claudia πŸ™

Happy Wednesday πŸ˜‡ today I’m sharing another simple lunch pan that is thrown together in less than 20 minutes and makes a great healthy lunch 😍 Actually my mom threw it together so shout out to her for getting in her healthy fats and omegas, proteins and veggies 🌈 I also want to point outContinue reading “Octopus Pasta Bowl a la Claudia πŸ™”

Grilled Whole Trout 🐠

A grilled whole fish is such a treat, but so hard to find in the store at peak freshness. That’s why I was so happy to discover these freshly caught whole river trouts at White Oak Pastures. They are frozen when they are caught to ensure the highest quality πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€© I’ve made a whole roastedContinue reading “Grilled Whole Trout 🐠”

Mediterranean Style Cod 🐠

Happy Weekend 🌈 this weeks recipe is another take on Pacific cod which I discovered at Northstar Bison 😍 you can use my referral link to save 10$ or check out my guide to seafood for additional sources πŸ˜‡ We’ve made other fish dishes that have a Mediterranean twist like this salmon and halibut 🐠Continue reading “Mediterranean Style Cod 🐠”

Grilled Mussels 🐚

Happy Weekend! Throw these on the grill for a nourishing appetizer 😍 Eating mollusks like clams and mussels is very important since they contain a boat load of nutrients in balance (since you’re literally eating the whole animal). This is critical because we miss out on many essential nutrients if we only eat muscle meatsContinue reading “Grilled Mussels 🐚”

Foolproof Grilled Cod 🐠

Happy Weekend 🌈 summer weekends are the perfect time to throw on the grill and enjoy fresh seafood 🦞 alongside grilled veggies, fresh tomato salad and plenty of dips such as guacamole and tapenade 😍 I was recently able to get my hands on wild caught pacific cod which is super flavorful and is fullContinue reading “Foolproof Grilled Cod 🐠”

Mussels made Simple πŸ¦ͺ

Happy Weekend 🌈 Vital Choice Seafood makes it so easy to get in my weekly portion of shellfish with their precleaned and cooked frozen mussels πŸ˜‡ Eating seafood is critical for optimal health and helps you get your fair share of minerals such as iodine, selenium and zinc (all important for a healthy thyroid 😊)!Continue reading “Mussels made Simple πŸ¦ͺ”

Summer Shrimp Salad πŸ₯—

Happy Wednesday 🌈 This is another fat fueled salad that makes a super yummy summer lunch πŸ˜‡ Like the green bean salad, this meal is full of crunchy greens, melt on your mouth jammy eggs, and a savory vinaigrette dressing and is topped off with crispy grilled garlic shrimp 🍀😍 For one salad you need:Continue reading “Summer Shrimp Salad πŸ₯—”