Wild Boar Medallions with Chanterelles πŸ˜‹

We live in Texas where wild boar is an invasive species, and needs to be hunted to protect the land and wildlife balance πŸ˜… After learning about that, I grew curious, and was able to purchase boar medallions from my favorite supplier Broken Arrow Ranch, which is known for state of the art field harvestingContinue reading “Wild Boar Medallions with Chanterelles πŸ˜‹”

Functional Friday: Am I eating enough protein ?

Happy Functional Friday everyone πŸ₯°β€οΈ in todays post we will be tackling the topic β€œam I eating enough protein?”. If you’re new to my blog, I am Helen, a certified functional blood chemistry specialist and each week I will be making standard labs more accessible to you all πŸ™ŒπŸ» to check out previous posts, justContinue reading “Functional Friday: Am I eating enough protein ?”

Tartar Sauce 🐠

Happy Wednesday πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‡ today I would love to share one of our recent creations that really enhances our favorite seafood dishes like branzino, trout and salmon πŸ˜‡ It’s also a fabulous dip for roasted veggies, on fish tacos, with fried zucchini or fritters, makes a killer fry sauce with these carrot fries and burgers 🍟Continue reading “Tartar Sauce 🐠”

Green Beans and Bacon πŸ₯“

Looking for a nice way to spice up steamed green beans ? Look no further, bacon and fresh parsley give them a nice upgrade πŸ₯° I always love the smell of bacon and it’s really important to find an uncured sugar free one from pasture raised pigs that are need a species appropriate diet, IContinue reading “Green Beans and Bacon πŸ₯“”

Functional Friday: Is your body stressed?

Welcome to Functional Friday 🌈 a series I have created to help everyone decipher their lab work and gain some clues where your body may need support. As a certified functional blood chemistry specialist, I hope to explain topics so that you all can understand, if you have any topic requests, feel free to commentContinue reading “Functional Friday: Is your body stressed?”

Octopus Pasta Bowl a la Claudia πŸ™

Happy Wednesday πŸ˜‡ today I’m sharing another simple lunch pan that is thrown together in less than 20 minutes and makes a great healthy lunch 😍 Actually my mom threw it together so shout out to her for getting in her healthy fats and omegas, proteins and veggies 🌈 I also want to point outContinue reading “Octopus Pasta Bowl a la Claudia πŸ™”

Fried Zucchini 🀀

Zucchini and tomato are still in season which means we have to get creative as our fridges fill ip 🌈😍 Since everything fried is yummy, we decided to bread the zucchini discs in a almond/coconut flour batter, and used coconut oil to get them crispy in the pan πŸ‘πŸ» Remember- fried foods are only toxicContinue reading “Fried Zucchini 🀀”

Functional Friday: Am I dehydrated ?

Welcome to Functional Friday where I use my knowledge as a functional blood chemistry specialist, to help you uncover what may be going on in your body! Like always, this is not medical advice, so please always verify with your practitioner β˜€οΈ If you want to check out previous posts, check out the Functional FridayContinue reading “Functional Friday: Am I dehydrated ?”

Creamy Mushroom Meatball Stroganoff πŸ₯˜

Happy Mid-Week 🌈 today I am sharing one of our favorite quick lunches that repurpose leftover Frikadellen or chicken meatballs and combine them with a pasta swap and yummy veggies πŸŽ‰ Noodles with a creamy mushroom sauce have always been a comfort food of mine πŸ₯° since I can’t eat whipping cream anymore (those whoContinue reading “Creamy Mushroom Meatball Stroganoff πŸ₯˜”

Grilled Whole Trout 🐠

A grilled whole fish is such a treat, but so hard to find in the store at peak freshness. That’s why I was so happy to discover these freshly caught whole river trouts at White Oak Pastures. They are frozen when they are caught to ensure the highest quality πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€© I’ve made a whole roastedContinue reading “Grilled Whole Trout 🐠”