Curried Chicken Fried β€œRice” 🍚

Happy Wednesday!! This weeks easy lunch is a take on one of my favorites- fried rice πŸ˜‡ Minced meat, cauliflower rice and curry…what can go wrong 😍 Minced meat dishes are a favorite lunch in our house, they are a great way to get in lots of healthy fats and proteins, as well as yummyContinue reading “Curried Chicken Fried β€œRice” 🍚”

Grilled Tri-Trip πŸ₯©

Happy Saturday- I hope you spend the weekend grilling 😍 This Californian comfort food was inspired by my personal trainer! When he told me about this dish my mouth began to water and I ordered a tri-tip right away 🀀 I got it at Northstar Bison and you can get yours too and save 10$Continue reading “Grilled Tri-Trip πŸ₯©”

Warm Sardine Noodle Salad πŸ₯™

Happy Wednesday- this weeks easy lunch bowl involves lots of healthy omegas and fiber to support you through your busy day🌈 Germans slather just about anything in mayonnaise and call it a salad 🧐 (yes we have meat salad which is basically sliced bologna with Mayo…), so I guess I can play the German cardContinue reading “Warm Sardine Noodle Salad πŸ₯™”

Hidden Heart Chicken Meatballs πŸ”

Happy Saturday 🌈 this week I am sharing one of our favorite ways to eat nose to tail and get lots of healthy protein and fat πŸ™ŒπŸ» We are always looking for ways to eat the most nutrient dense foods- did you know that many people who eat a Whole Foods based diet are actuallyContinue reading “Hidden Heart Chicken Meatballs πŸ””

Slow Cooker Lamb Meat πŸ‘

I love shredded beef and bison but once in a while, I really like to make shredded lamb in my slow cooker using lamb stew meat! Lamb is a great source of carnitine which help our mitochondria pull on fatty acids to burn for fuel! This is such an easy meal to prepare, just throwContinue reading “Slow Cooker Lamb Meat πŸ‘”

Breakfast Bowl 🍲

Since I’m obsessed with bowls at the moment, of course I had to make a breakfast version πŸ˜… Like my chicken burrito and trout bowls, this is the perfect combination of healthy fat, protein, and colorful veggies 🌈 My protein of choice for breakfast is typically an egg in the form of an egg cakeContinue reading “Breakfast Bowl 🍲”

Easy Chicken Coconut Curry πŸ›

This is another curry in a hurry full of creamy coconut, yummy veggies, herbs and juicy minced chicken πŸ” This chicken is from Force of Nature, but you can check out my whole guide to chicken here! We often have minced chicken left over when we make chicken burgers or shish kabobs, so this isContinue reading “Easy Chicken Coconut Curry πŸ›”

Shrimp Taco Bowl 🍀

This is a hybrid between the chicken burrito bowl and our shrimp kabobs and always takes me back to summer vacation at the beach in Mexico 😍 Together with fresh cilantro, lime juice and guacamole, the shrimp and riced cauliflower melt in the mouth together with crisp greens πŸ₯¬πŸ…πŸ€ I love to top is offContinue reading “Shrimp Taco Bowl 🍀”

Portabella Bison Burgers πŸ”

Summer means grilling season which is a great way for my to get creative and make some new fun recipes 😍 Today we are spicing up the burger and are swapping the traditional lettuce wrap for a portabella bun πŸ„ The mushroom caps are a lot firmer than lettuce and bring a yummy umami flavorContinue reading “Portabella Bison Burgers πŸ””

Fresh Summer Green Bean Salad πŸ₯—

This is a spin on the fat fueled salad which is a lunchtime favorite in our house πŸ˜‹ especially in the summer when the weather is a bit warmer. The local farmers co-op has had a lot of green beans lately, so we thought we’d play around and enjoy them steamed and cooled off inContinue reading “Fresh Summer Green Bean Salad πŸ₯—”