Sheeps Tzaziki πŸ₯’πŸ§„

We recently discovered the yummiest sheeps yogurt at the store! It’s made with full-fat sheeps yogurt which is rich in MCTS ! It’s the perfect condiment to go with meat, and makes an animal based diet more fun! Sheeps yogurt is a great option for anyone who is intolerant to lactose or casein, and isContinue reading “Sheeps Tzaziki πŸ₯’πŸ§„”

Smoked Salmon Salad 🍣

We try to eat salmon for the essential fatty acid content about 2-3 times a week, but in the hot summer months , sometimes we prefer to eat it cold as a salmon salad 😝 To make you need: 1 tablespoon cream fraiche πŸ₯› 1 tablespoon mayonaise – we use MCT oil based πŸ₯› 1Continue reading “Smoked Salmon Salad 🍣”

Raw Frozen Kefir 🍦

When I got my ninja creami, I was devastated that I’m on a carnivore diet after seeing so many delicious fruit based ice creams πŸ¦πŸ˜… Then I realized I could make a delicious tart and probiotic rich treat using sheeps kefir and chocolate collagen powder; I should not even call it dessert, it’s food 🧐😍Continue reading “Raw Frozen Kefir 🍦”

Carnivore ish Chocolate Mousse 🍫

This is a yummy carnivore treat that was inspired by my good friend Jillian @jillianjacobsonwellness (on Instagram)! I saw that Jillian started mixing chocolate collagen from equip foods (her code is JILLIANJ) into her plain yogurt for a collagen boost and to enhance the flavor πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ We decided to dress this up and whip creamContinue reading “Carnivore ish Chocolate Mousse 🍫”

Simple Garlic Herb Butter 🧈

This is a perfect side for anything- literally anything! Since we are an animal based household this tends to be slathered on meat, fish or eggs but I’m sure it’s just as delicious on veggies and gluten free bread πŸ₯©πŸ€ŒπŸ» To make this you can literally use any herbs you love but I tend toContinue reading “Simple Garlic Herb Butter 🧈”

Melon and Parma 🍈πŸ₯“

Another classic summer appetizer combo 😊 that brings back tons of memories to my childhood! My grandma Marlies often made this for me as a snack ! I loved the just ripe melon together with the salty prosciutto… a real treat. I think it’s ancestrally more appropriate to consume sweeter fruits in the summer whenContinue reading “Melon and Parma 🍈πŸ₯“”

Creamy Herby Goat Cheese Dip πŸ§€

We recently made this yummy spread for a little get together we hosted and it was a hit! The combination of various goat cheeses herbs and cream fraiche makes this an acceptable version for those with allergies to cows casein! To make you need: ChΓ¨vre πŸ§€ Cream fraiche πŸ₯› in a 1:1 ratio! Feta toContinue reading “Creamy Herby Goat Cheese Dip πŸ§€”

Bacon wrapped Shrimp 🦐πŸ₯“

Another fun carnivore lunch or appetizer 😍 These bacon wrapped shrimp are made in a flash and with very minimal ingredients, they are super crispy and delicious and deliver a good amount of healthy fat and protein! The amount you make can really be tailored to the amount of people you are serving. I likeContinue reading “Bacon wrapped Shrimp 🦐πŸ₯“”

Carnivorous Deviled Eggs 🍳

Another favorite we like to make when we have guests, this deviled eggs are a real crowd pleaser 😍 They are very simply made and super nutritious! To make you need: 6 Hard boiled eggs- we do about 8 minutes πŸ₯š A dollop of mayonnaise- we love Chosen Foods MCT Mayo because it’s seed oilContinue reading “Carnivorous Deviled Eggs 🍳”

Simple Caprese πŸ…

We love summertime hosting 😍 especially when we can serve very animal based meals! This is a perfect summer appetizer! In the summer, it’s more ancestrally appropriate to incorporate some more fruits in the diet since it’s warmer and they tend to be in season, and the increased amount of sun signals our bodies thatContinue reading “Simple Caprese πŸ…”