Fresh Summer Green Bean Salad πŸ₯—

This is a spin on the fat fueled salad which is a lunchtime favorite in our house πŸ˜‹ especially in the summer when the weather is a bit warmer. The local farmers co-op has had a lot of green beans lately, so we thought we’d play around and enjoy them steamed and cooled off inContinue reading “Fresh Summer Green Bean Salad πŸ₯—”

Grilled Eggplant πŸ†

Summer is the perfect time of the year to grill πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ and I just got my Traeger Ranger grill that I love to experiment with πŸ˜‹ While I also love oven baked eggplant and tahini eggplant dip, this grilled discs are super yummy with chicken burgers, grilled fish or even lamb steak with tahini πŸ˜‹Continue reading “Grilled Eggplant πŸ†”

Baked Breakfast Avocados πŸ₯‘

If you haven’t already realized, avocados are one of my favorite foods and I find the combination with egg just irresistible 😍 While my go-to breakfast is usually just an egg cake with guacamole or smashed avocado, on days where I have a bit more time, I like to make a baked avocado to goContinue reading “Baked Breakfast Avocados πŸ₯‘”

Curried Loaded Romaine Hearts πŸ₯¬

I love a warm bowl for lunch, but on warmer days, I love to add some crunch with fresh romaine hearts that I love to use as scoops for my bowls! Avocados and tahini give this a nice flavor and a boost of healthy fats! The curry powder in the veggie scramble is anti inflammatoryContinue reading “Curried Loaded Romaine Hearts πŸ₯¬”

Eggplant Tahini Dip πŸ†

Another garlic free dip for all those vampires out there πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ but don’t sorry, like this whipped bell pepper tahini spread, this is packed with flavor πŸ₯³ seeds of collaboration makes the best tahini, you can save 20% using code cure.eated To make this dip you need: 1 large eggplant πŸ† 1/2 cup of tahiniContinue reading “Eggplant Tahini Dip πŸ†”

Warm Brussels Sprout Salad with Mustard Dressing πŸ₯—

I love Brussels sprouts, even if they are just boiled with nutmeg, salt and plenty of butter 😍 but I also like to get creative and put a spin on things, so today I am making a warm sprout salad with a savory dressing πŸ™ŒπŸ» Serve with roast beef tenderloin, duck breast, turkey drumsticks orContinue reading “Warm Brussels Sprout Salad with Mustard Dressing πŸ₯—”

Tomato Meatball Riced Cauliflower with Fresh Greens πŸ…

This is another simple spring time lunch that utilizes these are homemade chicken meatballs and super handy riced cauliflower 😍 We give it an upgrade with fresh tomatoes, arugula, spices and lemon infused olive oil πŸ‹πŸ… To learn more about where I get my chicken, read my guide here! To make one portion you need:Continue reading “Tomato Meatball Riced Cauliflower with Fresh Greens πŸ…”

Roasted Veggies with Spinach Dressing 🌿

Roasted veggies with a savory dressing are such a comfort food, in my opinion, and go so well with all kinds of main dishes like duck wings, steak, chicken kabobs, lamb shank, or trout 😍 This can be made in 1 or 2 steps depending on how you like your veggies. Either poached and thenContinue reading “Roasted Veggies with Spinach Dressing 🌿”

Roasted Bell Pepper Dip πŸŒΆπŸ§„

Continuing our dip series (check out this olive tapenade and guacamole) I present to you our favorite roasted bell pepper spread πŸ₯³ This is a summer favorite and pairs well with roasted chicken, cauliflower steaks, grilled mahi mahi, and even just as a topping for your favorite cracker or bread swap πŸ˜‰ The almond butterContinue reading “Roasted Bell Pepper Dip πŸŒΆπŸ§„”

Coconut Tandoori Chicken Kabobs πŸ—

Being a dark meat and crispy skin gal, I always have to find ways to make chicken breast more appealing 🀣 Kabobs are a fun way to spice it up! I like to make these in a grill pan, because they can dry out easily, but a real grill works too! To avoid them fromContinue reading “Coconut Tandoori Chicken Kabobs πŸ—”