Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and Bison 🦬🐮

Grass-fed and finished beef and bison are truly a superfood that we should not skip out on in our daily lives. It is one of the most nutrient dense protein sources available and beyond amino acids contains a plethora of highly bioavailable heme iron, b vitamins (especially b12), zinc and selenium. It is is alsoContinue reading “Benefits of Grass Fed Beef and Bison 🦬🐮”

Quick and Easy Fat Fueled Salad 🥗💪🏻

Salads are a quick and easy way to get your daily dose of fiber, micronutrients, and of course healthy fat and protein! On warmer days, a fat fueled salad is our go to lunch! The base and dressing is easily prepped ahead of time and can be embellished with pantry and fridge staples of yourContinue reading “Quick and Easy Fat Fueled Salad 🥗💪🏻”

Dairy Free Mediterranean Flatbread 🐟🫒

As promised for everyone who is dairy free/ milk protein free and cannot enjoy raw cheese like my dad, here is our version of a fat fueled pizza 😍🍕 Right now, we are celebrating our German roots and have recreated a pizza topping combo that is very common at German pizza parlors: tuna and onion.Continue reading “Dairy Free Mediterranean Flatbread 🐟🫒”

Coconut Curry in a Hurry 🍤🥥

A coconut cream curry is such a yummy and nourishing dish full of anti-inflammatory spices and herbs, colorful veggies and healthy fats 😋 Today I am sharing our recipe for a quick shrimp curry that is ideal for busy weekday nights. It takes 20 minutes to make but can also be made ahead of timeContinue reading “Coconut Curry in a Hurry 🍤🥥”

Grilled Radicchio with Garlic Vinaigrette and Crispy Onions 🧅🧄🥬

During this cooler time of the year, we were yearning for something crunchy but not too cold, so we decided to try out a charred radicchio (full of those healthy bitter compounds!) with a garlic herb vinaigrette 🧄🥬 Since we were throwing on the grill anyway, we decided to make it a party and roastContinue reading “Grilled Radicchio with Garlic Vinaigrette and Crispy Onions 🧅🧄🥬”

Ancestral Fats 👩🏻‍🍳

Ancestral fats refer to fats that the human species has consumed for many centuries and that can be extracted with minimal processing. They can be divided into two categories: animal and fruit fats. Animal fat includes fats like lard, poultry fat, and tallow as well as ghee and butter. When buying animal fats, always makeContinue reading “Ancestral Fats 👩🏻‍🍳”