KΓΆnigsberger Klopse- Boiled Veal Meatballs πŸ₯©

Today I will be sharing how to make KΓΆnigsberger Klopse which is a veal or beef meatball boiled in broth! This is a perfect lunch or dinner πŸ₯˜ This is another traditional German recipe that is pretty much animal based already- I love that about German cuisine! The main courses are very neat heavy, allContinue reading “KΓΆnigsberger Klopse- Boiled Veal Meatballs πŸ₯©”

Incorporating Organ Meats πŸ–

Since the beginning of our species, we have been consuming nutrient dense organ meats in addition to muscle meat and animal fats to meet all of our nutrient requirements. Skeletal remains of animals show that our ancestors cracked open bones and skulls to get hold of the precious nutrient dense marrow and brain. It’s saidContinue reading “Incorporating Organ Meats πŸ–”

Nut Butter Swaps 🍫🌰🧈

Many conventional nut butters contain additives like seed oils and sugar that turn these super fat fuels into inflammatory snacks πŸ˜’ Nut butter can be enjoyed on grain free breads or can be used as a base for baking and fat bombs πŸ’£ The beauty is that their neutral taste allows them to be enjoyedContinue reading “Nut Butter Swaps 🍫🌰🧈”

Dairy Free Swaps πŸ₯›

If you have a milk protein allergy like me, or struggle with thyroid issues and are avoiding casein (due to gluten cross reactivity), you may be very bummed out that you cannot eat milk, cheese and cream anymore ☹️ Luckily, there are a few swaps out there that can help you out. I must sayContinue reading “Dairy Free Swaps πŸ₯›”

All about Lamb πŸ‘

Pastured and grass fed lamb is a super nourishing red meat that is a key component to our diet! Like grass fed beef and bison, it’s full of healthy omega fatty acids and CLA as well as heme iron and b vitamins! In terms of fatty acids, lamb meat actually outshines beef in Omega 3Continue reading “All about Lamb πŸ‘”

Cracker Swaps πŸ™

It’s hard to find grain and gluten free crackers that do not contain cassava, tapioca or arrowroot flour, or rancid vegetable oils. Here is a compilation of a few we have at home 🏑 These crackers can be enjoyed with a variety of dips or simply with butter and cold cuts like prosciutto, salami, smokedContinue reading “Cracker Swaps πŸ™”

Protein Supplements πŸ’ͺ🏻

Protein and amino acids are vital for proper body function. If you’re eating a meat, egg and fish inclusive fat fueled diet, you’re most likely getting your fair share of amino acids, but sometimes it’s helpful to get a boost through supplementation, especially if you’re working out, are older, or injured πŸ’ͺ🏻 There are manyContinue reading “Protein Supplements πŸ’ͺ🏻”

Salt and Electrolytes ⚑️

Electrolytes are critical for proper hydration and cell function! You can drink as much water as you want, but if you’re lacking electrolytes to pull the water into the cell, you will be dehydrated on a cellular level. Our brains generate bio electrical signals that rely on electrolytes to function. Together, the electrolyte cells inContinue reading “Salt and Electrolytes ⚑️”

Myth Buster: Evil Cholesterol 😈

When it comes to our health, and especially heart health, there is still the rumor that dietary cholesterol is the source of all evil and should be avoided like the plaque ☠️ So if you have a high total cholesterol, do not freak out and avoid animal fat!! You should look at the different kindsContinue reading “Myth Buster: Evil Cholesterol 😈”

Sustainable Seafood 🦞🐟

Do you love seafood? I sure do😍🐠!Seafood is a real super food if you know what to look out for and contains many important nutrients including Omega 3 fatty acids, highly absorbable amino acids (the building blocks of our bodies), b-vitamins and many more. Shellfish like oysters and clams contain a large amount of bioavailableContinue reading “Sustainable Seafood 🦞🐟”