Chicken fricassee πŸ₯˜

This was a popular dish my mom or grandma would make for me with left over chicken roast and broth from the carcass. It’s basically a thickened chicken noodle soup! We want to keep it keto so we used konjac fiber to thicken it and it worked quite well! This is a collagen , proteinContinue reading “Chicken fricassee πŸ₯˜”

Easy Peasy Pulled Brisket πŸ₯©

I really love shredded roasts and this grassfed and regenerative brisket from Apsey Farms (use code HELEN10) really satisfies that craving πŸ˜… This is a meal that’s super easy to prep and make, it requires little supervision and will nourish you !! This recipe utilizes the instant pot, but can also be done in aContinue reading “Easy Peasy Pulled Brisket πŸ₯©”

Quick and Crispy Baby Backs Ribs πŸ–

I really love any type of rib, but I haven’t had pork ribs in a while since it’s so hard to find pork products that come from pigs that are raised and fed well. I am so lucky to have access to Corn and soy free pork- which has a better balance of omega 3&6Continue reading “Quick and Crispy Baby Backs Ribs πŸ–”

Easy Chuck Roast πŸ₯©

In the colder months of the year, roasts are one of my comfort foods! Bone-in Chuck roast is a super nourishing option that’s full of collagen and healthy fats and minerals! This bone in Chuck from Apsey Farms (use code HELEN10) is one of my favorite roasts to make! The pressure cooker transforms this beautyContinue reading “Easy Chuck Roast πŸ₯©”

Ultimate Lamb Shoulder πŸ‘

I love lamb, not only for its flavor but also because it’s full of stearic acid, which is a special saturated fat that helps out mitochondria become more efficient fat burners! More fat burning = more ATP = more energy which I love ❀️ I had one of my really awesome carnivore buddies @animalbased_jj onContinue reading “Ultimate Lamb Shoulder πŸ‘”

Carnivore Short Ribs πŸ₯©

These are one of my favorite β€œtreats”- English style crispy short ribs that are done in a flash 😍 they are the perfect combination of delicious meat, fat and collagen and together with salt and a dash of grass fed butter they a complete carnivore meal πŸ˜‡ Using a combination of pressure cooking and theContinue reading “Carnivore Short Ribs πŸ₯©”