Breakfast Bowl 🍲

Since I’m obsessed with bowls at the moment, of course I had to make a breakfast version πŸ˜… Like my chicken burrito and trout bowls, this is the perfect combination of healthy fat, protein, and colorful veggies 🌈 My protein of choice for breakfast is typically an egg in the form of an egg cakeContinue reading “Breakfast Bowl 🍲”

Baked Breakfast Avocados πŸ₯‘

If you haven’t already realized, avocados are one of my favorite foods and I find the combination with egg just irresistible 😍 While my go-to breakfast is usually just an egg cake with guacamole or smashed avocado, on days where I have a bit more time, I like to make a baked avocado to goContinue reading “Baked Breakfast Avocados πŸ₯‘”

The Perfect Omelette 🍳

My mom and I just started watching Julia on HBO, which is based off of Julia Childs story, and she’s famous for her French omelette πŸ₯š which made us very hungry after dinner (when we watch TV), and we decided to whip up a yummy omelette of our own the next day 🍳 This recipeContinue reading “The Perfect Omelette 🍳”

The Perfect Egg Cake 🍳

Growing up as a little girl, egg cakes were always a staple and quick dinner my grandmother would make me! Now I eat them for breakfast every morning and they are a real comfort food that transports me back to my grandmas kitchen πŸ₯°πŸ‘΅πŸ» They are a true example of how few minimally processed highContinue reading “The Perfect Egg Cake 🍳”