Crispy Duck Wings πŸ¦†

After really loving the duck breast we prepared a few weeks ago, I thought I would tackle other parts of the duck 😎 and the first thing that I came across were duck wings from US Wellness Meats πŸ¦†

Since ducks do fly longer distances, their wings are bigger and meatier than chicken wings, a 20 ounce package provided us with 3 wings! Because they are meatier, they need to be prepared a bit different than chicken wings. I read that you should boil them and then bake them for optimal tenderness and crisp πŸ’ͺ🏻

I have decided to go that route, but I have also read that you can just bake them on very low heat until they fall off of the bone.

To make this to feed about 2 people you need:

1 package of duck wings, US Wellness Meats sells them in about 20 ounce packages, we had 4 wings in the package πŸ¦†

Salt for boiling in stock or water πŸ§‚

Seasoning of your choice for baking, I chose salt and pepper and Pure Indian Foods Vindaloo Curry πŸ§‚

Butter to drizzle 🧈

To make:

Prepare a pot of stock or water on the pot, season with salt and cook the wings for about 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven or air fryer to 250Β° and remove the wings from the stock. Pat them dry and season with salt and pepper and Vindaloo Curry (optional). I like Vindaloo Curry because it’s a bit sweet which complements the duck flavor very well!

Cooked wings

Bake or air fry the wings until crispy, usually about 2.5-3 hours until they fall off of the bone!

After 2.5 hours on low, they are still a bit chewy but that’s how I like them. Cook them longer for more fall off the bone.

You can crisp them up at 400Β° F in the air fryer, about 5 minutes each side or you can enjoy them as is if you prefer a more succulent mouth feel.

Drizzle with butter or tahini and enjoy with your favorite sides 🀩

We love them with mashed cauliflower, grilled lemon broccoli or baked tahini carrots 😍

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