Tuna Pasta with a Twist 🐟🍝

Today I am sharing my take on #tunapasta 🐟🍝
As a child, this was never a staple in my house but I heard that many people grew up on this dish so I thought I’d create a #healthyswap

When I was making it, I just threw together what I could find in my kitchen and the weird combination turned out to be very tasty 👏🏻😋 and I think I will make it again!

Here is my seafood guide

The ingredients are quite simple and easily adaptable, and the dish is quickly made:
1) gather up the veggies of your choice: I used purple cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, artichoke hearts, zucchini and bok choy. Sauté them with a little bit of @pureindianfoods ghee, sea salt and @mortonbassettspices curry powder 🥦🥕🥬
2) rinse @miraclenoodle and sauté them in ghee in a separate pan and add the canned tuna (I like @seatales_usa) I am sure you could also use a different canned fish like salmon or maybe even canned chicken or zoodles/ @palmini_official noodles 🐟
3) combine the two pans when the vegetables are done to your liking (I like mine medium crisp) and stir in some more ghee
4) serve with @avocadoorganic and @lewisroadusa 🥑🧈 (I like to mash the avocado into the dish to make a little sauce and have the butter melt right over 😍)

If you cannot tolerate ghee you can always swap a #healthyoil like olive oil or avocado oil. Another option would be to leave out the avocado and to serve it with a marinara sauce (@raoshomemade) and/or Greek olives 🫒🍅

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