German Style Roulades

Today I’d love to share a German Comfort Food called Rouladen which can be easily modified to accompany our #primalgenic diet πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ–

To make our Roulades to serve 2-3 people in you need:
1 lb flank steak (we used @uswellnessmeats)
Bacon to your liking (we love @butcher_box bacon because it is a heirloom and sugar free variety)
Onion, Cornichons, and mustard to your liking
Spices: salt (@celticseasalt), pepper and sweet paprika (@burlapandbarrel) 🌢
Tooth picks and kitchen twine to roll up and keep the meat together

1) It is critical that the flank steaks are very flat so that they can be easily rolled up and cooked evenly! To achieve this, we pounded them. 2)Next, we seasoned with salt, pepper and sweet paprika, and spread our favorite mustard onto the meat. We really like LΓΆwensenf but any one will work.

3)Finely chop bacon, Cornichons, and onion and spread them onto the meat evenly and as much as you like. Just make sure it’s not too much because you still want to be able to roll them.

4) Carefully roll up and fasten with kitchen twine and toothpicks

5) Heat up a Dutch oven and sear the roulades until they are browned on each side.

6) Add water so that the meat is half covered, put on the lid and let them simmer for 2.5-3 hours.

7. When they are finished cooking, you can eat the roulades with the broth that was created during cooking

Traditionally, this dish is served with potatoes (if someone on your household eats potatoes this meal is easily adaptable for a family), but we will be serving it with broccoli and mashed cauliflower. Other options include grilled bell pepper, @cappellos noodles or of course a simple salad πŸ₯—πŸ₯¦πŸ«‘

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