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Shrimp Curry 🍀

I know we’ve posted shrimp curry recipes before but this one is incorporating fresh ginger which I recently learned is an anti-histamine 😍 plus it’s delicious with coconut cream πŸ₯₯

We added lots of butter for stearic acid and fat soluable vitamins !

What you need for 2 portions:

1 lb shrimp 🍀

2 tablespoons butter 🧈

1 can coconut cream πŸ₯₯

Grated ginger 🫚

Chopped green onion πŸ§…

Chopped cilantro 🌿

Spices like garlic and curry powder ✌🏻

Salt to taste πŸ§‚

How to:

Heat up butter in a pot and add grated ginger and green onion! SautΓ©! Add shrimp and spices !

Then add the can of coconut cream and let simmer! Lastly add freshly chopped cilantro and serve with Miracle noodles!

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