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Coconut Halibut 🐠

A lean and mild fish like halibut screams for a flavorful fatty sauce to go along! We opted for a cilantro coconut sauce! So delicious 🥰

To make you need:

1 halibut filet 🐟

Cilantro 🌿

Green onion 🧅

Butter 🧈

Coconut cream 🥥

Ginger 🫚

Garlic 🧄

How to:

Heat up a nice amount of butter in a pan and sear the sear halibut, about 6 minutes per side. In the meantime, combine the coconut cream, garlic, ginger, green onion, and cilantro in a food processor, and blend to create a green sauce!

Remove the seared halibut from the pan and use the sauce to deglaze the pan! Enjoy !

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