Animal Based Ninja Creami Froyo 🍨

Summer is a time I like to play around with frozen treats to help beat the heat πŸ˜… and I recently jumped on the ninja creami trend- it’s a special ice cream maker that can β€œcreamify” everything.

I really love frozen yogurt, especially the unflavored one but that’s a boring recipe to post just plain yogurt in the ninja creami, so I am sharing a lime and a chocolate flavor 😍

Both are completely animal based- the base is raw A2 yogurt mixed with cream fraiche and flavored with lime or chocolate collagen 😍 for a protein boost πŸ’ͺ🏻you can use code Cureeated at equip foods !

Although this looks like ice cream- it’s honestly not a treat but a meal, that’s the only way I cook…full of healthy animal fat and protein and low in carbs and sugars …

To make you need:

The base:

Any yogurt- we used grassfed raw A2 yogurt

Cream fraiche πŸ₯›

A splash or heavy cream πŸ₯›

Allulose to taste πŸ‘… (allulose is not absorbed and does not have calories/a blood sugar spike)


You can add in any sort or fruit purΓ©e or lime/lemon juice, fruits will add carbs and fructose

Any flavor of beef protein powder or collagen- we used chocolate collagen but I’m sure strawberry protein would be delicious too, you can even add a scoop or unflavored to boost protein content

How to:

Combine the yogurt with the cream fraiche and heavy cream. We do about 8 ounces yogurt and 2 ounces of both the cream fraiche and cream.

Add your flavorings and blend. We did lemon this time so we added allulose and lemon juice. The other flavor we did was chocolate so we added 2 scoops of chocolate flavored collagen from Equip foods and some allulose 🍫

Add the mixture to the ninja creami pint and freeze for 24 hours. Then blend on the ice cream setting!

If you don’t have a ninja creami, you can also try it in a blender or an ice cream machine!

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