Steak and Hollandaise πŸ₯©

A classic strict carnivore meal that makes you forget you need plants to have a complete meal 🀩

I have been loving my prime graded grassfed beef steaks from Heifer Hog and Hen- you can use code SAVEHLN on your order πŸ˜‡

This time we used filets but this works with any steak- even bison or elk!

To make you need:

Your favorite steaks – I love filet, picana or Chuck eye πŸ₯©

Tallow for searing πŸ«™

Optional butter for butter basting 🧈

For the Hollandaise-

5 egg yolks 🍳

1 stick butter- 8 tablespoons 🧈

Splash of lemon juice (optional) πŸ‹

How to:

Heat up tallow in a pan, I like stainless steel. When the pan and tallow are hot, pat your steaks and sear. Cook 3-5 minutes depending on thickness and then flip. This allows a crust to form. Do the same on the other side. Season with salt and your favorite spices, and then turn down the heat, cook another 3-5 minutes. Until you reach the ideal temperature!

Meanwhile make the hollandaise- this can also be made ahead of time. It keeps well frozen or in the fridge for 3-4 days!

To make the Hollandaise- separate the whites from the egg yolks. Set the whites aside and save for something like our vanilla collagen pancakes – recipe coming πŸ˜‡ (they also freeze well)!

Heat up the butter, I’m lazy and I use a microwave. I add the egg yolks to a bowl and use an immersion blender to beat them. Then I slowly pour in the warm butter , while blending. It’s critical you go slow or the eggs will split aka scrambled egg!

At the very end, add an optional splash of lemon juice πŸ‹

When the steak is ready, serve the warm sauce over the steak 😍

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