Vanilla Sheeps Milk Ice Cream 🍨

Summer time is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean ice cream season is over 😍

We’ve been making sheeps milk ice cream lately with raw sheeps milk- Sheeps milk is incredibly rich in MCTs which are very metabolically supportive and has more protein and nutrients than cows dairy!

We added a collagen boost with Equip Foods newest vanilla collagen which helped add a nice flavor!

The best thing is that this ice cream isn’t only a treat- it’s a superfood and can literally be eaten as a meal, a breakfast even πŸ˜‚

We used our trusted Ninja Creami to make this but you can also pop this mixture into an ice cream 🍨 maker 😜

To make you need:

1 cup cream- A2 raw is best πŸ₯›

1 cup milk – we love raw sheeps milk πŸ₯›

2 scoops vanilla collagen 🌞

2 egg yolks 🍳

Vanilla bean 🫘

Optional- 3 tablespoons allulose

How to:

Combine all the ingredients and freeze for at least 24 hours in the ninja creami pint. Or add to the ice cream maker.

Blend on the gelato setting and enjoy 😍

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