Smoked Salmon Salad 🍣

We try to eat salmon for the essential fatty acid content about 2-3 times a week, but in the hot summer months , sometimes we prefer to eat it cold as a salmon salad 😝

To make you need:

1 tablespoon cream fraiche πŸ₯›

1 tablespoon mayonaise – we use MCT oil based πŸ₯›

1 teaspoon Primal Ketchup πŸ₯«

2 finely chopped green onions πŸ§…

6 basil leaves 🌿

2 pickles πŸ₯’

4 eggs πŸ₯š-2 in the salad, 2 on top to garnish

4 ounces smoked salmon 🍣

To make:

Boil your eggs- for a medium soft boiled egg , I suggest about 8 minutes. Chop the green onion, pickles, smoked salmon, egg and basil.

Combine all the chopped ingredients in a bowl. mix and add the sauces. Mix again and season again to taste with salt.

Serve garnished with egg and optionally a grain free cracker!

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