Raw Frozen Kefir 🍦

When I got my ninja creami, I was devastated that I’m on a carnivore diet after seeing so many delicious fruit based ice creams πŸ¦πŸ˜…

Then I realized I could make a delicious tart and probiotic rich treat using sheeps kefir and chocolate collagen powder; I should not even call it dessert, it’s food 🧐😍

I’m sure this would work in an ice cream machine too and with different flavors but the chocolate kefir is an iconic taste for me because my mother would make me a Nesquick infused goats kefir for breakfast when I was a little girl πŸ‘§

For those that don’t know how the Ninja creami works- the mixture needs to be frozen for 24 hours in the container before it can be blended and turned into β€œshaved ice cream” 🍦

To make you need:

1 pint of sheeps kefir (or any other kefir) πŸ₯›

3 scoops equip chocolate collagen powder- any other protein powder works too πŸ˜…

How to:

Freeze the mixture in the container and blend in the ninja creami on the light ice setting πŸ˜… it’s that simple… enjoy, top with homemade whipped cream if you can tolerate it

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