Animal Based Salmon Rolls 🍣

Summer is a time where I crave lighter proteins – especially seafood like this delicious salmon 🍣

I try to Incorporate salmon at least 2 times a week for it’s beneficial omega 3 and 6 content and phospholipids which support cell membrane health πŸ™

It’s also a time where I find it appropriate to incorporate some low carb low toxin plant foods like cucumber and seaweed which is a valuable source of iodine 😍

The goats cheese we used can be swapped for avocado but we wanted to keep the plant foods to a minimum and prioritize animal fat πŸ™

To make one meal you need:

2 sheets of nori seaweed 🌿

4-5 ounces of king salmon 🍣 or smoked salmon 🍣

Goats cheese to taste πŸ§€- cream cheese works best

Cucumber and green onion to taste πŸ§…πŸ₯’

To make:

Prepare your salmon and let it cool off, I typically airfry my salmon filets 🍣

I like to thinly julienne my cucumber and chop the green onion. I spread the goats cheese generously onto the nori and add the cooled off salmon and veggies

Then I try to roll them up, it’s not so easy and will taste good even if it falls apart πŸ˜…

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