German Style Shrimp Cocktail 🍀

This is a classic German appetizer that is very animal based- full of mineral rich shrimp 🍀 and healthy fats πŸ™

We love to use tiny North Atlantic shrimps but any size will work well! These are precooked as this dish is served cold πŸ₯°

To make you need: 1 potion

6 ounces mini precooked shrimp 🍀

2 soft boiled eggs πŸ₯š

2 tablespoons seed oil free Mayo (we love Chosen Foods MCT Mayo) πŸ˜‡

1 tablespoon sugar free ketchup πŸ₯« – primal kitchen is a good brand πŸ”₯

Spices – salt, paprika, a touch of curry πŸ§‚

Green onion and pickles to taste πŸ₯’πŸ§…

How to:

Combine the Mayo, ketchup, spices and finely chopped onion and pickle to taste! Dice one egg and mix in. Add the shrimp.

Mix well and garnish with the second egg πŸ₯°

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