Super Juicy Omelette 🍳

This one is dedicated to my Mama who is the queen of juicy Omelettes! She must have a special touch because every time I try to make one it’s never goodπŸ˜‚

This one is her carnivore ish omelette- the only plants in here are green onions and basil which can be left out !

To make you need:

1 tablespoon butter 🧈

3-4 eggs 🍳

Your favorite cheese- my dad loves cheddar cheese, my mom uses goat cheese or water Buffalo mozzarella πŸ§€

Your favorite meat- prosciutto or bacon is the best πŸ₯“

Salt πŸ§‚

Optionally basil and green onion πŸ§…

How to:

Heat up 1 tablespoon of butter in a pan, and beat the eggs together. Chop up your meat, cheese and optional herbs and add them to the eggs.

When the pan is hot, pour in the mixture minus cheese and cook until set. Add the cheese and fold the egg in half, then turn off the pan. The inside of the egg will set.

In addition to the cheese in the eggs, we love to top it with a dollop of goats cream cheese!

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