KΓΆnigsberger Klopse- Boiled Veal Meatballs πŸ₯©

Today I will be sharing how to make KΓΆnigsberger Klopse which is a veal or beef meatball boiled in broth! This is a perfect lunch or dinner πŸ₯˜

This is another traditional German recipe that is pretty much animal based already- I love that about German cuisine! The main courses are very neat heavy, all you have to do is leave out the sides πŸ₯²

I chose to use veal this time around, but if you’re looking for a higher fat option I would go with beef. My favorite ground beef is from Apsey Farms (use code HELEN10) πŸ₯©

Traditionally, bread crumbs are used to help hold the dough together, but you can either omit that since the eggs hold the meatballs together just fine, or you can use coconut flour if you’re not a strict carnivore!

To make you need:

1 pound of ground meat, we used veal πŸ₯©

2 eggs πŸ₯š

Diced onion to taste πŸ§…

Coconut flour or coconut bread or even the egg white PSMF bread if strict carnivore 🍞 (1-2 slices)

Butter 🧈

Salt and white pepper πŸ§‚

500 mL bone broth for poaching πŸ₯˜

How to:

Heat up butter in a pan and sear the diced onions, and seasonings until browned! Combine the browned mixture with the raw ground meat, and the eggs and optionally coconut flour bread or just coconut flour. Season more.

Preheat the bone broth (add some bay leaf) on the stove and poach the meatballs until they are cooked. It’s important that the broth is not boiling. The time depends on how big they are, we like 2 ounce meatballs! The meatballs will rise when they are ready!

Traditionally, this is served with a gravy and potatoes but we love it with the broth or homemade hollandaise (recipe coming) and shirataki noodles 🍜 πŸ˜‰

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