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Loaded Carnivore Chicken Sliders πŸ”

I really love burgers, which is perfect for this way of eating πŸ” I like to play around with the variations so today I made chicken sliders 😎

These are garnished with water Buffalo mozzarella, crispy pork belly and egg yolk 🍳πŸ₯“ but the options are endless!

Burgers are my sneaky way to incorporate more organ meats, so I chose an ancestral chicken blend that includes some chicken heart! Heart is a good source of CoQ10!

I also like to purchase corn and soy free chicken- my favorite is Apsey Farms (you can use code HELEN10) because a chicken that is fed it’s species appropriate diet will generate a healthier meat for us to eat 😊

To make you need:

Ground chicken πŸ” (regular or ancestral) – 4 ounces per patty

Your favorite seasonings- I used salt and white pepper πŸ§‚

Ghee for frying or an airfryer!

To garnish :

Pork belly or bacon πŸ₯“

Eggs 🍳 I love the yolks

Pickles or Mayo for non-carnivores πŸ₯’

Your favorite cheese: cheddar, mozzarella or feta are all yummy options! I like to opt for A2, grassfed and ideally raw cheese πŸ§€

How to:

Season your meat and form your sliders. If you plan to airfry, I would preheat that to 400Β°. If you opt for pan searing, heat up some ghee in a pan!

Sear or air fry the meat about 5 minutes on each side, depending on how thick the patties are. While those are cooking, prepare your garnish. You can sear the pork belly or bacon slices in the pan, it should take about the same time as the burgers.

Slice your cheese (you can place it onto the warm meat to melt) , and cook your eggs/yolk, although the joke can be enjoyed separately.

Assemble your plate and enjoy 🀩

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