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Quick and Crispy Baby Backs Ribs 🐖

I really love any type of rib, but I haven’t had pork ribs in a while since it’s so hard to find pork products that come from pigs that are raised and fed well.

I am so lucky to have access to Corn and soy free pork- which has a better balance of omega 3&6 from Apsey Farms (use code HELEN10) which allows me to add another meat to my diet 🤩

In order to get the ribs tender, it can take some time so I like to by pass the time and use my instant pot to pressure cook the ribs to get them ready. Sometimes when I want a Smokey flavor I like to throw them onto my Smoker for an hour or so before I throw them into my airfryer for an extra crisp 😉

For 1 portion you need:

1 slab of baby back ribs! (About 1 pound) 🥓

Sea salt 🧂 , smoked sea salt is yummy too!

Any other spices you like and aren’t sensitive to!

Butter for serving 🧈

Optimal- smoker and air fryer

How to :

Begin my pressure cooking your ribs for 35 mins in the instant pot. I usually just use a little bit of salted water. If you don’t have one, be sure to remove the membrane as that will not break down in the oven or smoker.

If you skip the pressure cooker, you’ll need to oven roast or smoke for 3-4 hours minimum at a low temperature (300-350°F)!

After pressure cooking, sprinkle salt on the meat and either bake or smoke it for 1 hour at 250°F.

When it’s browned, you can turn up the heat on either or throw it in the airfryer at 400°F to crisp it up!

I like to serve with butter and eggs for a complete carnivore meal ❤️

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