Carnivore Short Ribs πŸ₯©

These are one of my favorite β€œtreats”- English style crispy short ribs that are done in a flash 😍 they are the perfect combination of delicious meat, fat and collagen and together with salt and a dash of grass fed butter they a complete carnivore meal πŸ˜‡

Using a combination of pressure cooking and the air fryer, you can turn this tough cut into a super nourishing meal in a short amount of time! This is a staple meal for me- I usually choose beef short ribs from Apsey Farms (use code HELEN10 to save πŸ™‚ ) but I’ve also had elk and bison short ribs this way. They all work 🀀

To make you need:

Your favorite short ribs (English style) πŸ₯©

Flaked sea salt- I love Maldons smoked salt πŸ§‚

Butter for serving 🧈

How to:

The fastest way to make this recipe is to pressure cook the ribs on high at 90 mins. I just add salt and a splash of apple cider vinegar to the water!

Then I airfry the ribs at 400°F for about 20 mins after giving them a good sprinkle of salt! Then I serve with butter! So delicious 😍

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