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Veal Stroganoff πŸ₯©

I grew up eating creamy veal cutlets with potato pancakes at the pub across from my grandparents house in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ called ZΓΌricher Geschnetzeltes there, this dish can be enjoyed on a carnivore-ish diet and is such a treat πŸ˜‡

To make you need (2-3 portions ):

2 lbs veal cutlets πŸ₯©

Butter for frying 🧈

Grassfed cream πŸ₯›

Salt, white pepper, garlic , Bayleaf powder πŸ§‚

Miracle rice for serving 🍚

How to:

Begin by thinly slicing the veal cutlets and heat up butter in a pan. Sear the veal until browned, then season with salt, and white pepper.

Pour on as much cream as you would like (we like a lot :)) and then season with the garlic aber Bayleaf powder! Let it simmer a bit! If you want to serve it with miracle rice, drain the miracle rice and add it to the pan 😍

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