Vitello Tonnato 🥩🐠

Land meets sea! This classic Italian favorite is awesome for those trying to eat more animal based- I would say its 95% animal which is ideal for my parents 😍

Vitello Tonnato translates to thinly sliced veal covered in a creamy tuna mousse 🤩

This was my family’s New Years Eve appetizer, and it was a hit!

Animal fat and protein are critical for our hormones, muscles and metabolism and we have been feeling very good eating more animal based 😇

As a reminder, I am strict carnivore and loving it while my parents are more meat based, so they were the ones enjoying this meal.

I just had some veal breast with eggs as my appetizer for New Years 🤤

To make you need (2-3 small portion):

10 ounces of boneless veal 🥩- we used veal breast

Onion, garlic, bayleaf, salt and broth to poach the meat 🧅🧄

3 eggs 🥚

3 tablespoons seed-oil free Mayo (we love MCT Mayo)

60 mL heavy whipping cream 🥛

1 can tuna 🍣

2 anchovies 🐟

Cilantro and capers to taste 🌿

Salt 🧂

How to:

Begin by poaching the veal in broth with onion, garlic, bay leaf and salt for about 90 minutes. Let the pot cool off, remove the veal and slice thinly.

Lay on a platter like you would spread meat for a carpaccio.

Next, make the mousse by blending 3 tablespoons of Mayo, 2 egg yolks, 60 mL of heavy cream, 1 can of tuna and 2 anchovies. If you want you can add cilantro and capers in to taste. Salt to taste.

Spread the mousse over the prepared veal platter and garnish with egg! Enjoy 😉

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