Carnivore Feta Meatballs πŸ§†

As a child, I always loved going to Greek restaurants to eat all the yummy grilled feta cheese and meat!

I was pleased to discover that even though I have a casein protein issue, I can enjoy goat and sheep cheese since they have an entirely different casein protein called S2.

To pay homage to my past, I have decided to celebrate with feta cheese infused goat meatballs!

Ever since going carnivore, I have transitioned to eating more ruminant animals like beef, lamb, bison, goat and venison, and I feel they really are good for me. You can substitute the goat meat for any other ruminant animal 🐐

To make 4 meatballs you need:

1 pound of your favorite ground meat πŸ₯©

2 ounces of feta cheese πŸ§€

Salt to take πŸ§‚

How to:

Preheat your airfryer to 450Β° and divide the meat into 4 parts, each about 4 ounces.

Flatten them into large flat patties, and cut the feta into 4 0.5 ounce chunks.

Place each feta piece into the center of each patty and wrap the meat around them. Season with salt!

Airfry 10-12 minutes, flipping halfway if you want, the meat tastes best medium well and when the feta is a bit soft.

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