Confit Duck Legs πŸ¦†

Happy Weekend 🌈 today we are making confit duck legs, which are duck legs that are cooked and preserved in duck fat πŸ¦†

Preserving meat is part of many European cultures and is a great back-up when you can’t get any meat, or need a quick healthy dinner!

Duck fat is an extremely healthy animal fat which is critical for cell membrane health and basically every body function 🀩

We’ve made super yummy crispy duck breasts and wings as well as duck tender pasta but this recipe is a great way to conserve the duck for the future when fresh meat may not be available πŸ˜‰

These duck legs are from US Wellness Meats but you can check out my guide to poultry here πŸ¦†

To make you need:

2.5 lbs of Duck Leg Quarters πŸ—

Duck Fat πŸ¦†

Salt πŸ§‚

Bayleaf 🌿

How to:

The first step is to heavily salt the duck legs and then to store them on the fridge overnight. You can also add some pieces of dried bay leaf for flavor.

The next morning, heat up duck fat in a pot, enough to cover the duck legs. Depending on how many duck legs you have, you’ll need about 1-2 glasses of duck fat. Preheat the oven to 200-250 Β°F.

Submerge the duck legs in the heated fat. Then cover the pot and cook the duck legs for 2-2.5 hours in the oven.

Next transfer the cooked duck legs into clean glass containers. Make sure the fat covers the legs. Make sure the jars are cooled off and store in a cool and dark pantry, up to a year. When you’re ready to eat, heat it up slowly in the oven and enjoy!

You can keep the left over fat from the jar and use it to cook! We also had some gelatin in the bottom of the jar that is very rich in collagen and became a nice broth when heated with veggies 😍

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