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Keto Charcuterie Board 🍱

The holidays are just around the corner which means that more entertaining is going on. This charcuterie board will satisfy both keto and standard American diet guests 🤩

It also makes a fun snack type lunch or appetizer by the fireplace 🥰

Our board will be skipping a traditional crackers, fruit, and cheese, although those who tolerate dairy are more than welcome to include a delicious raw cheese 🧀 (I am jealous)!

Of course, nuts, olives, butter and charcuterie meats like prosciutto and salami are included on our board. I was very pleased to find these products without additives from sustainably raised animals at White Oak pastures.

We have also found some grain free gluten-free crackers that we will be including. Optionally you can include some pickles, capers, cherry tomatoes, carrots, and some people even like to include some canned fatty fish like anchovies on their platters

Add your favorite dips like this olive tapenade, bell pepper dip baba ganoush, or guacamole and enjoy 😋

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