Grilled Avocado 🥑

I am an avocado aficionado 😍🥑 and on my recent trip to Mexico, I was introduced to a brand new way to eat avocado- grilled 🙃

When I bit into it I was surprised that it did not taste like raw avocado at all- when grilled, the texture becomes custard like, almost like a cooked egg yolk, and the sweetness of the fruit comes out. Cut into pieces, it tastes wonderful spread onto chargrilled carrots and broccoli, I was hooked 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve created something similar before, when making baked breakfast avocados 🍳 but these grilled ones are a lot faster and go with just about everything. You just need three things: avocado, lime and salt 😍

This works very well for avocados that are not 100% guacamole ready yet 🥑

To make 1-2 servings you need:

1 avocado 🥑

Flaked sea salt 🧂

A splash of lime juice 🍋

How to:

You have two options to approach this, first, you can use a grill pan on your stove. Secondly, you can grill your avocado pieces on a grill or smoker. The latter will change the flavor profile depending on the type of pellets you have in your smoker. Both options work well, but the flavor will it be a different.

The best way to cut your avocado is to either cut it into fourths or eighths. This will of course affect the amount of time it takes for the avocado to reach its desired doneness. I like to cut it into fourths.

For the Pan method, I like to use a Pan that has ridges, So that I can still get the iconic Grill marks I like to make sure my pan is medium hot, and then I grill each avocado side for 3 to 4 minutes. While the avocado is grilling, I squeeze on lime juice and garnish with sea salt.

The grill method is very similar, make sure your grill is warm and place the avocado onto the grates. The time it takes for the avocado to be ready depends on how hot your grill is, And since it is laying on the grates, do you want to make sure that it does not burn. I would check after two minutes on each side. The same goes for a smoker.

Once the avocado is cooked, you can serve the pieces as they are with grilled vegetables and meat. We love it with steak or salmon. You also have the option to throw it onto a salad, a taco, or to make it into a guacamole 🥑

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