Beef Tacos 🌮

Happy Taco Tuesday 🌈🌮! This week we are enjoying delicious ground beef tacos with lots of avocado, MCT mayonnaise and some greens all wrapped in UnBun tortillas 🤤

I love to get my ground meat from Force of Nature or Northstar Bison. Both sell convenient pre-portioned patties that we love to scramble in the pan with some onions and peppers! It’s quick and perfect for a weekday lunch 🙃

For other sourcing check out this post 🦬

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Northstar Bison

Force of Nature Meats

For 1 serving you need:

5-6 ounces of grass-fed ground beef 🥩

2 UnBun tortillas (or another swap) 🌮

1/2 avocado 🥑 or guacamole 🥑

Diced onion 🧅

Handful of cherry tomatoes 🍅

1/2 green bell pepper 🫑

1-2 tablespoons of a seed-oil free mayonaise

Your favorite herbs and spices

How to:

In a pan, heat up an ancestral fat of your choice and sauté the diced green pepper and onion. Add in the ground beef and scramble it. Cook until crispy brown.

In a separate pan, heat up the tortillas (you can also use a microwave) and spread the avocado and mayonaise on them. Full the tortillas with the meat and veggie saute, top with the diced cherry tomatoes and more mayo, and roll up 🤤

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