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Mediterranean Style Cod 🐠

Happy Weekend 🌈 this weeks recipe is another take on Pacific cod which I discovered at Northstar Bison 😍 you can use my referral link to save 10$ or check out my guide to seafood for additional sources 😇

We’ve made other fish dishes that have a Mediterranean twist like this salmon and halibut 🐠

This dish is full of healthy fats and omegas and is oh so yummy 🤤

Serve with tapenade, bell pepper dip, warm Mediterranean salad, grilled eggplant and roasted broccoli 🥦

To make you need (1 potion):

1 6 ounce filet of Cod 🐠

Salt and pepper 🌶

Olive oil 🫒

Garlic powder 🧄

Olives 🫒

How to:

Begin by heating up olive oil or another ancestral fat in a pan. Add the cod and sear on all sides until crispy brown. The fish should be flakey and falls apart easily. This is usually 5-6 minutes on each side.

Season again with salt, pepper and garlic and garnish with olives 🫒

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