Copy Cat Green Tea Lemonade 🍹

Let’s celebrate midweek with a yummy summer drink 🍹

Summer time always reminds me of Friday afternoons, when my mom took my brother and I to Starbucks after school- our weekly treat 🌈

My go-to was always a β€œgreen tea lemonade half sweet please” but since that’s full of sugar, my mom and I have created a copy cat Starbucks drink to quench our thirst on hot (and not so hot) days 🍹

To make you need:

1 cup of sparkling/flat water πŸ’§

1 teaspoon of matcha powder or canned Matcha- we love Moonshine Matcha 🍡

1/4 cup of fresh lime juice 🍈

Stevia to taste 🀩

Ice cubes 🧊

Optional: fresh mint

To make:

Begin my mixing the water and the matcha powder (you can also use pre made matcha cans), add in the lime juice, stevia and mint and add in the ice 🀩 enjoy 😊

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