Chicken Shish Kabobs 🐓

Happy Saturday 🥑 we are enjoying the weekend with yummy chicken skewers 🥰

These skewers are a sneaky way to eat nose to tail and sneak in some organs- the ground chicken blend I used is a mixture of meat and chicken heart which is spiced with some herbs and air fried to become a crispy skewer 😋

Other kabobs we have made include these yummy chicken tandoori kabobs and shrimp skewers 🦐

This meat is from a local regenerative farmer- 1915 Farms which is corn and soy free!! Of course you can also use regular ground chicken such as that from Northstar Bison (also corn and soy free) and if you use my referral link you can save 10$! Check out my guide to chicken here!

To make these you need (2 skewers):

I lb ground chicken mix- I am using the meat and heart blend 🐓

Spices like salt, curry powder and pepper 🌶

Herbs like cilantro or basil 🌿

Optional: egg, coconut flour or psyllium husk as a binder, garlic and onion powder

How to:

To make the batter, combine chicken, the spices and chopped herbs with the optional binder. Mix everything together and wrap the meat mixture around a skewer. Depending on the length of the skewer, you’ll need 2-4. This usually feeds 2 people!

Preheat the airfryer to 400°F and airfry for about 6 minutes on one side and then flip over and cook for another 6 on the other side.

Enjoy with avocado slices, fresh tomato salad, bell pepper zucchini hash, curried cauliflower, or roasted eggplant, and dips like baba ganoush or bell pepper dip 😍

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