Warm Sardine Noodle Salad 🥙

Happy Wednesday- this weeks easy lunch bowl involves lots of healthy omegas and fiber to support you through your busy day🌈

Germans slather just about anything in mayonnaise and call it a salad 🧐 (yes we have meat salad which is basically sliced bologna with Mayo…), so I guess I can play the German card and call this bowl a salad 😂

This is a really easy way to recycle grilled rainbow veggies, get in those healthy omegas from a can of sardines, crunch on some lettuce and have some miracle noodles all slathered in MCT Mayo and guacamole! In other words, this is a texture explosion but I kind of like it 😅

Best thing yet, it took me only 10 minutes to throw together.

To make you need:

Butter lettuce 🥬

Cucumber 🥒

Guacamole or avocado 🥑

A can of sardines or other left over fish 🐠

Miracle noodles or another pasta swap 🍜

Shredded broccoli and carrot slaw 🥦

Left over rainbow veggies 🌶

Cilantro 🌿

Salt 🧂

MCT Mayo 😇

How to:

The only warm component of the bowl are the noodles and slaw which can be seared together with some cilantro and salt in a pan until they are crispy!

If you want you can warm up the grilled veggies in the airfryer. Chop up the cucumber and the butter lettuce and place it into your bowl. Place the noodles and slaw on top, followed by the rainbow veggies and the can of sardines 😋

Eat with guacamole and mayonnaise – trust me on this one, it may sound strange

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