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Frikadellen Taco 🇩🇪🌮

This is fusion cuisine at its finest 🤣 combining a favorite German dish called Frikadellen (check out the recipe here) with another favorite meal of ours; the taco with lots of guacamole and grain free tortilla wrap 😍

This is a super quick lunch that utilizes lots of leftovers (we always have a guacamole in the fridge) and is easily assembled in minutes 😜

Other tortillas/tacos we have made include Italian meatballs subs, chicken tacos, chicken fennel hash tacos, shrimp tacos and salmon salad wraps!

To make one portion you need:

2 grain free tortillas (we love Unbun, other swaps can be found here) 🌮

2 Frikadellen (recipe here) 🍖

Lots of guacamole 🥑

Lettuce and tomato 🍅🥬

Optional: MCT Mayo

To make:

Warm up your tortillas and slather with guacamole and mayonnaise. Slice up the meatballs and tomatoes and fill the wraps with the meat, tomatoes and lettuce.

Roll up and enjoy 😍

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