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Tandoori Style Chicken Burgers πŸ”

We love burgers at our home, and today I’m giving you another twist on the chicken burger πŸ” – tandoori style πŸ˜πŸ˜‡

Today’s patties are spiced with curry powder, a splash of lime and cilantro 🀩

For those who can have garlic and onion, finely chopped onion and garlic (or powders) enhance the flavor as well πŸ˜‹

I’m also choosing to throw in some grated zucchini and bell pepper to add in some moisture but this is optimal 🌈

My whole guide to chicken can be found here!

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To make you need:

Patties (makes 3):

1 pound of ground Chicken πŸ”

– I love Northstar Bison corn and soy free ground chicken! You can use my referral link to save on your first order!

Fresh herbs like basil, cilantro or chives 🌿

Salt and Pepper πŸ§‚

Curry Powder 🌢

Grated zucchini and bell pepper (about 1/2 of each) πŸ«‘

Coconut Flour or Egg as a binder πŸ₯š, you may also need to coat the meat in the coconut flour to prevent sticking ! You can also use psyllium husk!

How to:

Begin by mixing the meat, chopped veggies, spices and herbs in a bowl. Using your hands or a burger press, form patties. I like to make 1/3 pounders which need about 6 minutes per side on the grill! If the mixture is very sticky or watery I recommend adding in an egg or coconut flour until you’re happy with the consistency!

Grill the burgers for 6 minutes each side or air-fry at 400Β°F for 10 minutes. You can also cook them in the pan with a bit of avocado oil or ghee!

When the meat is crispy golden, assemble your burgers. I love a good lettuce wrap with tomato and cucumber, but you can also use a bun swap . Drizzle with guacamole and mct Mayo and optimally top with a fried egg, avocado, or even bacon πŸ₯“

My favorite sides include jicama fries and grilled rainbow veggies 🌈

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