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Mini White Chocolate Bars 🍫

I love chocolate bars, and as a little girl, I have vivid memories of the little wrapped Kinderriegel in my grandmas living room, hiding in a little white wooden container between family photos. When the adults weren’t looking, my brother and I would stuff ourselves 🥺

Since cacao is a super fat, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to enjoy chocolate bars again 😉

Today I am sharing my new take on the Kinderriegel, this time dairy free keto White Edition 😎

I chose to add some toppings onto a few of them and keep some pure white!

Now let’s get chocolatiering 👩🏻‍🍳

To make the white chocolate you need:

3 ounces cacao butter 🍫

3 ounces coconut manna 🥥

0.5-1 ounce of your sweetener of choice, I used Kabocha sweetener to taste but allulose works too


Optional toppings: coconut chips, dark chocolate pieces. I used The Good Chocolate 🍫 – you can use my link to save 15%

You could also use your favorite crushed nuts!

How to:

Make your vegan white chocolate base by setting up a water bath. Melt the coconut butter and cacao butter slowly, and stir using a whisk. Since we are not using an emulsifier, be careful that the two fats don’t separate.

When they’ve formed a homogenous mixture, slowly stir in the sweetener and the vanilla.

Using a spoon, fill your chocolate molds with the chocolate. If you don’t have a mold, you can also pour them onto a freezer safe dish that you’ve laid out with foil.

Sprinkle with your favorite toppings and freeze until hard.

Remove from the molds and store in the freezer or fridge, since these fats can become soft at room temperature!

If you haven’t checked out my white chocolate hazelnut bark, coconut filled eggs, or the chocolate hazelnut truffles, I encourage you to do so!

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