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Curried Loaded Romaine Hearts πŸ₯¬

I love a warm bowl for lunch, but on warmer days, I love to add some crunch with fresh romaine hearts that I love to use as scoops for my bowls!

Avocados and tahini give this a nice flavor and a boost of healthy fats! The curry powder in the veggie scramble is anti inflammatory and also gives it a nice flavor. My go to protein is normally shredded curried roast chicken! On a warm day this is such a treat 😍

I love using my favorite tahini (SOCO) to make this yummy side. You can use code cure.eated to save 20% on their site!

To make you need:

Romaine hearts πŸ₯¬

Veggies like broccoli, carrot, bok choy, bell pepper, zucchini πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦

Herbs 🌿

Salt, pepper and curry powder πŸ§‚

Ghee for sautéing 🧈

Tahini for drizzling πŸ˜‡

Protein of your choice: my go to is ground chicken or boar or left over roast chicken πŸ–

How to:

Finely chop your veggies and sautΓ© them with salt and pepper in ghee. When they are ready, season with curry powder and fresh herbs.

If you’re using left over meat, I like to toss that into a pan and crisp it up with some ghee. If you’re making fresh ground meat, for example, fry that in ghee and salt.

You can either serve the meat separately or mix it into the veggies. I like to do the latter.

Lay out your romaine lettuce β€œcups” and fill them with the veggies as a base and place the meat on top. Drizzle with tahini and serve with avocado slices πŸ₯‘

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