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Curried Paprika Chicken Legs πŸ—

Dark meat is the best part of the chicken πŸ˜‰ Who agrees with me?

For starters, it’s definitely more nutrient dense than its white meat counterpart, the chicken breast, which contains almost only lean protein! Don’t get me wrong, amino acids are very important but with dark meat, you’re getting more bang for the buck and a delicious flavor too!

The darker meat and bone in cuts (like drumsticks, wings, thighs and leg quarters) contain more collagen and connective tissue as well as glucosamine which helps our body build connective tissue, skin and nails, and results in a deeper flavor and more juicy meat! Plus you’re eating nose to tail, which I think is our responsibility as a conscious consumer!

These cuts also contain more healthy fatty acids, especially if the animal was fed a species appropriate diet. I really love Northstar Bison or Force of Nature as my source, since their chicken are not fed corn or soy. To learn why this is important, check out my guide to chicken here!

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This recipe is a great alternative to my curried chicken roast, especially if you’re only wanting to feed 1-2 people!

The best way to prepare this is in the airfryer, but I am sure an oven will work too. You may have to play with timing.

To make this delicious dish you need:

Chicken leg quarters, skin on and bone in, mine are from Northstar Bison. I made one for each person. πŸ—

Cultured ghee 🧈

Sweet Paprika Powder 🌢

Curry Powder πŸ›

Flaked Sea Salt πŸ§‚

Butter, MCT Mayo or Primal Ketchup for Serving 🀩

To make:

Remove chicken from package, rinse and pat dry. Heat your air-fryer to 400Β°F.

Season your chicken on both sides and under the skin with salt, curry and sweet paprika powder.

Place legs into the airfryer and cook for 30 minutes. The fleshier side should face up. Flip after 20 minutes. After 25 minutes, check to see if it’s cooked through. Larger legs may need longer.

Let rest and serve with butter, or your other favorite condiments. We love to eat these with curried cauliflower, Brussels sprouts with mustard sauce, bell pepper dip, guacamole, and rainbow veggies!

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