Electrolyte Gummies 🍬

As the weather is getting hotter, it’s vital we stay hydrated, but hydration isn’t only the amount of water we drink, but our electrolyte status as well πŸ’§

These gummies are a great way to ensure your cells are hydrated and also deliver a fair amount of collagen protein, which is critical for the health of our tissues and organs and it’s a great way to honor the animal and eat nose to tail!

Of course, they are sugar free, sweetened only with my favorite non-calorie and natural allulose sweetener and the monk fruit extract found in the electrolyte powder.

To make you need:

2 tablespoons gelatin powder- Vital Protein is a good brand (collagen peptides will not work)!

1 cup liquid- water, lemon juice or your favorite beverage swap

1 scoop/stick of the electrolyte powder: I love LMNT citrus flavor for this!

Allulose to taste

How to:

Mix the gelatin and 1 cup of liquid in a glass. In a small sauce pan, heat up the mixture and whisk until it’s dissolved. It’s important that the water doesn’t boil, but the gelatin mixture needs to be exposed to heat so that it is activated.

When the water is warm, around 200Β°F, whisk in the electrolyte powder, a spritz of lemon juice and allulose to taste.

When a homogenous mixture has formed, remove from heat and pour into mold. Transfer into the refrigerator for cooling. When the gummies have set, remove them from the mold and keep them in the refrigerator!

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