Marbled Easter Chocolates 🍫

When I think Marbled Chocolate, I’m always transported back to the plane rides to Germany because the flight attendants always handed out little marbled chocolate bars 🀣

So just in time for Easter, I have these yummy and pretty marbled Easter eggs and bunnies 🐰 🐣

Since cacao is a superfood and a fat fueled ingredient, these little chocolate bars make a fabulous treat, that is truly a food and not a candy πŸ˜‰

To make them dairy free- I make them with another superfood- coconut πŸ₯₯

To make this you basically need a dark chocolate and a white chocolate that you pour together and swirl!

You can make both chocolates from the same vegan keto white chocolate base:

To make that you need: this can of course be scaled

3 ounces cacao butter

3 ounces coconut butter – this can be swapped for ghee for a more milk chocolate feel

1 ounce Kabocha sweetener or allulose


How to:

Set up a water bath. As the water heats up, prepare a freezer friendly dish into which you can pour the cacao mass. You can also use candy molds. We usually just put foil or wrap into a ceramic container so we can easily remove the chocolate before we cut it into pieces and transfer it into a glass container in the freezer.

Melt the cacao butter and coconut butter in a pot over the heat. We use a whisk to mix the two fats. Since we don’t have an emulsifier, you need to pay close attention so that the two fats do not separate. When that’s molten and homogenous, stir in the sweetener and the vanilla.

For the dark chocolate:

Take halve of the molten white chocolate mixture and stir in pure cacao powder based on taste. You may need to modify and add in a bit more sweetener. I prefer it not very sweet but my mom tends to add in a bit more.

Alternatively, you can melt your favorite keto dark chocolate such as The Good Chocolate (use my link to save ) or Bulletproof Chocolate (use code CURE.EATED to save).

To make the marbled chocolate:

In the prepared freezer dish, pour the white chocolate into one side and the dark chocolate mixture onto the other. Then take a spoon and swirl the two together! You’ll have the perfect marbling and a mixture of white, β€œmilk” and dark chocolate 🍫

Freeze the dish and break the finished chocolate into chunks! It’s best stored in the freezer. Enjoy as a fat fueled snack or as desert 🍩 other homemade chocolate treats include these white chocolate coconut eggs, hazelnut truffles or white chocolate bark 🌰

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