Nutty Chocolate Noatmeal 🍫

A warm bowl of oatmeal with honey and berries used to be the ultimate comfort food for me! I would often eat this before school but quite frankly, it never kept me full for long and I would often grab a pack of crackers and a chocolate milk in the Cafeteria during break! Now with more knowledge, I can reflect back and recognize that I had some serious blood sugar problems that led me to grab the next snack to feel better.

Now since I’ve been following a fat fueled diet, I never feel this way again, but that unfortunately means that I have to skip my beloved oatmeal, or so we thought.

We recently discovered an awesome fat fueled swap based on nuts and coconut which always satisfies the oatmeal craving! When cooked in coconut milk and topped off with butter, grain-free and sugar free granola, chocolate pieces, coconut flakes and cacao syrup, this is the ultimate treat (maybe even better than the real deal πŸ˜‰)!

The mixture is full of healthy fats, and while the nuts do contain some protein, it’s a plant protein, and therefor not as bio available, so we decided to add in some collagen protein to give our body a complete meal. The collagen also helps thicken it up a little bit, giving it a more authentic mouthfeel!

To make this delicacy you need (2 portions):

One can of coconut milk πŸ₯₯

1 cup β€œUnsweetened Instant Keto Oatmeal” from Pure Traditions

Your favorite keto granola 🌰

Your favorite chocolate 🍫 I love The Good Chocolate and you can save using my link

Spices like cacao powder, vanilla and cinnamon

Any nut butter or butter for topping 😍

Unsweetened chocolate syrup like the Sugar free Criosa from Crio Bru 🍫

Kabocha sweetener or Stevia

Collagen powder

To make:

Heat up the coconut milk and oatmeal mixture in a small pot on the stove. Cook until it’s warm and thickened. Add in the spices and sweetener and more coconut milk or nut milk if necessary. We usually add in some almond milk.

I have a whole article about helpful non-dairy milk swaps here!

Stir in the collagen powder. The mixture may start to bubble, so use a whisk to make sure it does not burn.

When the mixture is ready, drizzle with your favorite nut butter, chocolate syrup, butter, chocolate pieces and granola! Enjoy as a fat fueled breakfast or brunch πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

Can you spy the homemade chocolate hazelnut truffle ?

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