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Coconut Butter “Eggs” 🥥🐣

Easter is just around the corner which means supermarket shelves are fulling up with all kinds of Easter themed sweets! Just because we eat a low carb fat fueled life doesn’t mean we don’t miss out 🙃 lucky for us, many components of candies are actually superfoods, namely cacao and coconut 😍

If you’re looking for a white chocolate bark, or our chocolate hazelnut truffles, check out my recipe that I posted for Valentines! It’s high in healthy fats and satisfies our sweet tooth 🤩

As a little girl, I always loved finding the little filled chocolate eggs hidden between books, flowers or in the piano of our living room 💐🐣

Today I will be sharing my attempt to recreate these chocolate coconut treats in a way that they are truly a food and not a candy, which can be enjoyed all the time (not only Easter) 😉

To make this you need:

Your favorite vanilla ghee, nut or coconut butter as a filling 🥥🌰

Coconut flour depending on how sticky your chosen filling is 🥥

Homemade vegan keto white chocolate 🍫

– 3 ounces coconut butter, 3 ounces cacao butter, 1 ounce Kabocha sweetener, vanilla

Cacao powder, coconut flakes or crushed nuts for coating 🥳

How to:

Start by making the filling. Take your butter of choice and roll it into little balls! Make them as big as you like, I prefer a smaller egg with a thin layer of coating. Depending on the consistency of your filling, you may want to add in a little bit of coconut flour to soak up any moisture.

I chose a mixture of vanilla infused ghee and coconut manna 🧈🥥

Place those into the refrigerator to cool down so that you can easily dip them into the molten white chocolate.

While those are cooling, make the vegan keto white chocolate. Heat up water in a pot and set up a water bath.

Melt the coconut butter and cacao butter, and use a whisk to mix them together. Since there is no emulsifier you have to be really careful. When they’ve formed a homogeneous mixture, stir in the sweetener and the vanilla.

Now it’s time to prepare your coating, if you’re choosing to do that. I don’t do well with nuts so I’m going to pass, but If you want to coat yours with nuts, it’s a good idea to crush them.

You also need to prepare a freezer safe dish on which you can place the finished eggs so that they can harden. I would line a dish with foil or food wrap so that they can be easily removed.

Ready to be dipped

Remove the filling from the refrigerator and using a tooth pick, dip each filling into the molten chocolate. Roll them in your topping of choice and place them onto the prepared dish.

Freeze until they are hard and store in the freezer for a fat fueled treat 🥳

Mine did not turn out as pretty but they sure taste amazing!

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