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Cracker Swaps 🙏

It’s hard to find grain and gluten free crackers that do not contain cassava, tapioca or arrowroot flour, or rancid vegetable oils. Here is a compilation of a few we have at home 🏡

These crackers can be enjoyed with a variety of dips or simply with butter and cold cuts like prosciutto, salami, smoked salmon, turkey breast, liverwurst etc. These should of course be pastured, heirloom breed, and fed a species appropriate diet. Learn more about meat quality here!

Drizzle them with nut butter or tahini 😍 (my favorite is SOCO pesto tahini, use code cure.eated for 20% off on their site)!

I also love them with avocado and tomato or homemade guacamole or tapenade 🥑🍅

Guacamole and sugar free salsa from Whole Foods

Ella’s Flats: these are super yummy and come in a variety of flavors! Our favorite is the “Everything” variety! They are seed based and work well even as a base for avocado, smoked salmon and trout (yay omegas) butter and prosciutto, etc. 🥑🧈🐟

For those who love smoked trout as much as I do, check out Rainbow King Foods, and use my special code for a discount code CUREATED to save!

Ella’s Flats are full of seeds providing healthy fat and fiber

Epic Provisions: Pork Rinds and Chicken Chips

These don’t really taste a lot like a traditional cracker but they are crunchy and satisfy the “chips” craving 😏 plus they are full of protein, especially collagen, and healthy fats. It’s also a good way to sneak in nose to tail eating 🐔🐷

My guide to chicken and pork are here !

Brads: The “veggie keto crisps” in the everything flavor are suitable for the fat-fueled low carb diet as they only contain seeds and veggies and are free of starch and inflammatory oils! Be careful with other “Brads” products, some contain chickpeas or even buckwheat which are no go’s!

Awesome Foods: Kale Crackers are a super nourishing combination of kale and other veggies with soaked seeds, spices and extra virgin olive oil!

They taste great with herb butter and prosciutto or with avocado and tomato 🥑🍅🧈

Rind Snacks: Coconut Chips 🥥

These are a fun snack that I like to enjoy either on its own (out of the freezer for additional crunch) or in a trail mix with some sugar free chocolate and nuts 🍫🌰

You can read more about the superfood coconut here!

Rhythm Foods: Kale Chips and Carrot Chips 🥬🥕

These are a sneaky way to get in some fiber and veggies! Just make sure you get the variety that is without vegetable oil! The carrot sea salt chips are simply dehydrated and are Helen approved as are the “ Kool Ranch”, Kale Chips! The other vegetable chip products are unfortunately made with seed oils and should be avoided!!

Veggie Crudités: enjoy dips with raw crudités such as carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, kohlrabi, water melon radish or even heart of romaine 🥬🥒🫑🥕or better yet make carrot fries or crispy cauliflower to eat with your favorite spread 😉

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