Crispy Brussels Discs πŸ˜‹

Brussels Sprouts (also called Rose Cabbage in German 🌹) are a member of the brassica family and contain important detoxification compounds including sulfuraphanes, antioxidants, and folate! They are also full of fiber which feed your gut flora and help you eliminate toxins!

Although ALA isn’t the best way to get your omega 3 fatty acids (you need DHA and EPA from meat and fish), brussels sprouts contain one of the highest amounts of ALA (which still needs to be converted) of any plant food!

We usually just steam the sprouts and enjoy them with flaked sea salt and grass fed butter, but this time I decided to give them a twist and introduced them to my airfryer 😎

They come out crispy and can either be drizzled with butter or Mayo, or dipped into guacamole 😍

To make these delicious bites, you need:

As many brussels sprouts as you like, the bigger the better

Sea salt, we like flaked sea salt from Maldon Salt πŸ§‚

Seasoning of your choice, we went for pepper and nutmeg 🌢

Ghee such as that from Pure Indian Foods 🧈

Preparing these is a 2 step process:

First, clean/trim the brussels sprouts and boil them until they are a bit squishy but do not fall apart, this is usually a 4-6 minute boil.

Next, remove the brussels sprouts from the pot and smash them with a fork, so that they form flat discs.

Then coat them in ghee and sprinkle them with sea salt/pepper and air-fry them at about 375Β° until they become crispy. This is about 5-7 minutes!

Serve with your favorite meat/sea food dish. These go super well with keto burgers, baked trout, or even a roast chicken πŸ”

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