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Coconut Cream Chicken “Geschnetzeltes” 🐔

As a little girl, Chicken “geschnetzeltes” (diced chicken breast in a heavy whipping cream sauce with spices) was a stable week night family meal 🥘 and this meal still is still a nourishing fat fueled dish if you can tolerate dairy.

Since I now only eat butter and ghee (heavy cream still has trace amounts of milk protein which I react against), we have swapped and recreated my childhood favorite with coconut cream. For those who can eat heavy cream, feel free to use that instead for the real deal 😎

This is typically served with potatoes, pasta or rice but we love it with cappellos pasta, miracle noodles or riced cauliflower with ample non-starchy veggies on the side 🥦🍅🥥🥛

Making this is super simple:

To feed 3 people gather up 👨‍👩‍👧

1. pasture raised organic chicken breast or turkey breast cutlets diced (we love US Wellness Meats) 🍗, about 1.5 pounds

2. organic coconut cream (we use Thrive Market, Native Forest or the Whole Foods Brand) 🥥

3. Salt 🧂 (we use Celtic Sea Salt Brand)

4. Pepper

5. Curry and Garlic powder to taste (we love Morton and Basset)

6. Lard from Fatworks, ghee or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 🧈

7. Parsley or cilantro to garnish 🌱

First, heat up the cooking oil or choice in a pan, and add the cubed chicken breast. Let it brown on each side.

Next, season liberally with salt, pepper and curry/garlic and let the seasoning soak in.

Once the chicken is fully cooked, add a can of coconut cream and let it bubble a bit!

Chop up some fresh herbs and add them in 👩🏻‍🍳

Serve with veggies and sides of your choice and feel absolutely nourished 🥰

Traditionally the dish is served with potatoes, rice or noodles. Check out my pasta and rice swaps here!

We chose Romanesco Mash and boiled brussels and carrots 🥕🥦 with plenty of grass-fed butter 😋
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