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Chicken Meatballs with Tomato SautΓ© πŸ”πŸ…

We are part of a local farmers co-op and this week we received a boat-load of fresh onions and tomatoes πŸ…πŸ§…

Since we love to eat seasonally and locally, we seized the opportunity to make a quick lunch of chicken meatballs (with a touch of oregano) and a homemade tomato sautΓ© to go along with a fat-fueled salad πŸ₯—

Making the meatballs is simple, you need only a handful of ingredients and a short amount of time to create a nourishing dish πŸ˜‹

Of course this recipe can be scaled up for for 2-3 people gather up:

1) 1 pound of ground chicken, ours was from US Wellness Meats πŸ” (I would use a full fat grind, the ground breast has a tendency to dry out plus we want the healthy fat! ) you can also use ground lamb πŸ‘

2) 1 pasture raised egg πŸ₯š

3) half a chopped onion πŸ§…

4) 2 tablespoons of coconut flour

5) salt, pepper, ground garlic and oregano (of course you can choose different spices as well)

6) ghee or lard for frying

Begin by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl and form little meatballs with your hands. We like to make them the size of a golf ball.

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mash it together

Heat up lard in a pan and fry the meatballs on each side until they are golden and crispy (approximately 20 minutes).

So crispy πŸ˜‹

If you are planning to make a tomato sautΓ© remove the meatballs from the pan, and add another half of a chopped onion and as many chopped tomatoes as you like in addition to some salt, pepper and garlic powderπŸ…πŸ§…

If you don’t make a sauce, you can just eat them as is or use some Rao’s brand Marinara

After the veggies have cooked down to a sauce like consistency, add the meatballs back into the pan and let everything simmer for a bit.

Serve with salad, as a meatball sub or a pasta swap!

Let everything simmer

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